Cynical commentary on blinds courtesy of your builder

One of the odd and puzzling features of new home building is the relative cost between windows, and window coverings.

Right away you can conclude one thing, windows are a reasonably priced, essential component of the home and provide tremendous value to the occupant.  Window coverings, well, these are fairly useful, they block out the summer sun and offer privacy on demand.  But the price of window coverings is atrocious.  

Relative to windows, the coverings themselves cost about the same as the window.  The widow manufacturer has a huge operation, delivery trucks, has to manufacture and assemble glass sealed units with low energy coating and costly gasses inside the sealed units. The window covering company just needs to assemble some fabric and plastic and hang it from the window frame.  There are no codes for window coverings that are remotely comparable to what a window manufacturer needs to comply with.  The window covering does not get exposed to harsh weather, or have to seal the interior of a home against the elements.  

One must wonder how this has come to be.  I think it is because the blinds companies have tremendous markup on the products, and somehow have convinced the buyer of a new house that the blinds are worthy of such a large investment.  I'm all in favour of blinds purchases, however I will be looking for some major discounts next time I try and source some window coverings, especially since I know how much the windows cost!

 Here are some really nice blinds!

Here are some really nice blinds!