Exterior selections

I've found that getting all the samples together to make a coherent package is the easiest approach to an exterior.  Before this is possible, a person needs to a) know what type of material is suitable, b) identify suppliers, and c) narrow down the countless options given the market segment and predicted buyer preferences over the next year or so when the project comes to market.  This is as much an art as a process, but of course gets simpler as the number of completed projects increases.  

It was time to narrow down the choices for the upcoming Killarney semi detached project, and also the threeplex rowhouse (but this is a totally different concept we have yet to finish).  After considerable back and forth, second guessing, trips to new suppliers to investigate new options and some elimination of materials I have come to a final exterior palette.  

I have a very nice natural stone, a dark stucco, and a new metal siding that has come to the market very recently (Alberta made even), all of these are new and different choices than I have worked with before. Overall this is an extremely nice package. These selections are unique and will stand out in what is going to be a very competitive spring 2018 in Killarney.



All of the exterior selections are relflected here.  Stone, stucco, siding, shingle, soffit and fascia.