Project update - DP approval for Killarney

It is always surprising to me when I am waiting on an approval, it seems like it takes forever and then when the approval arrives, it is possibly back-dated if the City hasn't update the website.

For the new Killarney duplex, we have approval dated August 18th, and there is an appeal window until September 7th.  I am just seeing the approval today, the 22nd, as I was wondering why we had yet to receive notice.  We applied for the DP June 8th, which was a good move, because we didnt close on the land until July 25th.  All of this effort is structured to avoid time/money losses due to having an expensive site sitting idle without permits.  DP permitting time at the City on a very straightforward DP was about 2.5 months, this is about as fast as I have ever had a DP approved, so I am pleased.

The next step is submitting the BP, we have a lot of this work done already.  I have approved the drawings from the design company, I have sent them to the lumber yard for the layout work, and I have arranged with both an engineer and modelling company to do the technical work necessary.

I will highlight the outcome of the modelling work in a later post, but I can say we chose to go with the performance based approach to allow me to select the efficiency upgrades necessary to meet the code, rather than adopt the checklist.  Outcomes include a triple pane window upgrade and some thoughtful insulation detail.

At this point in the project I am of course itching to start the concrete work while the weather is good, and get it to lockup phase.  With some rough schedule in place, I need to make some calls to my framer (the framing is the key to this job getting to lockup in a timely fashion).


2720 dp apprval for web.jpg