I take project management seriously enough to invest a significant effort into interactive software to allow my clients to track our progress from their cell phone, anytime, plus update the news page on the site regularly. Site management is where I invest the majority of my time. It consumes months of effort to properly manage a single inner city construction project to completion.


Inner city redevelopment is appealing as a career choice, despite its increasing risk and complexity.  The idea of creating custom homes is a romantic daydream for many, and a reality only for a lucky few.  I am fortunate to celebrate my seventh anniversary as a full time inner city builder in Calgary.  Barriers to entry into the business are few, in fact, you can become a builder with little training or certification (as of 2018 an Alberta builder licence is needed) of any kind, and immediately launch a project requiring you to manage a large budget, design team including civil, structural and geotechnical engineer, and countless tradespeople over many months.        

With all those highly trained human resources deployed, why is the outcome of an inner city spec home so often a disappointment?  I believe it is because too often, the principal behind all of the effort in building a house lacks a singular focus on inspired design and careful execution.  Instead, builders build to satisfy their own key metrics, like cost cutting, repetition, expediency and convenience.  The inevitable outcome of this is too much compromise and a diluted end product.  My projects are driven by an attempt to execute physical manifestations of the the aspirations of my clients, and the finished product is evidence that I deliver on this. 

I focus only on inner city multi family and semi-detached product, generally only in a few SW communities.  I produce an urban loft style family home designed to exceed my client expectation.  My decor and layout decisions do not necessarily appeal to the entire customer demographic in the market, and that is ok with me. I only build a few homes per year, so I need to make each of them as exceptional as possible.  I believe the results to date have continuously proven that my  approach is working.  I want to deliver the finest product available in my small segment of the market.

My careful budget stewardship often allows me to bring in a few design and finishing elements of houses costing hundreds of thousands more, while staying right on target.  Intensive site management avoids costly errors and waste, and I constantly seek to improve upon my processes and suppliers to increase efficiency.  My family always lives in a home we build just for ourselves, and this commonality and shared experience in the ownership of my product informs my knowledge of how integer built homes function so I can share it with my clients.

For further discussion on how I can make your dream home project a reality please feel free to contact me by email or phone.


Seankollee@gmail.com or 403 620 0270


We stitched together a few shots of our recent semi detached project into a widescreen panorama, thanks bruce for the camera gear and know-how.

We stitched together a few shots of our recent semi detached project into a widescreen panorama, thanks bruce for the camera gear and know-how.